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    Q1: Can I register for just one morning or one evening session?
    A1: Ticket fee includes entry to all morning sessions or all evening sessions for that particular venue.  Tickets for individual days are not available.

    Q2: What are the rules for participation in the yoga workshops?

    All participants will be responsible for obtaining consent from their doctor before participating in the yoga sessions.
    Suitable clothing is advised. Women are advised to wear light color clothes (salwar-kameez) or gym wear and Men are requested to wear kurta pajamas or loose gym wear/jogging wear. Women and Men are recommended to avoid wearing any dark colorss, jewelry (especially nose rings), etc.
    All participants will be required to display proper identification to gain entry into the workshops.
    For health and safety reasons Children under the age of 12 are not allowed and upto the age of 18 are only allowed if accompanied with their parents.
    Participants are strongly advised to come in the morning after completing the morning ablutions and on an empty stomach for maximum results.
    Participants are recommended not to eat/drink anything for around 4 hours before attending the Workshop, except water.

    Q3: Do I need to bring any photo ID?
    A3: Yes. Photo ID is required on 1 st day of the event.

    Program Details

    Q4: What language is Swami Ramdev going to speak?
    A4: Swami Ramdev will speak in Hindi and English.

    Q5: Are there going to be any refreshments served? Can we buy food there?
    A5: No food is recommended before or during yoga. Water will be for sale at the events. You can bring your own water.

    Q6: Is there parking available at the events?
    A6: There is ample free parking available for both events.

    Q7: Can we meet Swami Ramdev in person?
    A7: Since this is a public event and we expect a large number of people to attend, Swami Ramdev will not have any time to meet everyone personally.

    Q8: What are the schedules for the morning sessions and evening sessions?
    A8: The morning session will be from 6am to 9am . Please arrive 45 minutes early on the 1 st day to collect registration packet. After the 1 st day please arrive 15 minutes prior to starting.

    The evening sessions will be from 5pm to 8pm . Please arrive 45 minutes early on the 1 st day to collect registration packet. After the 1 st day please get there 15 minutes prior to starting.

    Q9: Do we have to sit on the floor to do Yoga?
    A9: Yes. all seating unless otherwise specified will be FLOOR SEATING ON A 1/4" thick Yoga mat approx 6 ft  x 2.5 ft. participants are recommended to bring a towel to lay over mat.  However for people having trouble sitting on the ground, a special arrangement for chair seating has been done on prior requests while registrations. But please note that chairs cannot be placed in the middle of the seating plan and would be arranged only on the sides.

    Q10: Outside of the yoga session, is there any other entertainment planned?
    A10: Each session is for approx 3 hrs.  Morning sessions are from 6 AM to 9 AM and evening sessions are from 5 PM to 8 PM. There are no other activities scheduled at this time.


    Q11: I have this particular disease, can Swami Ramdev treat it?
    A11: Yoga & meditation taught by Swami Ramdev has benefited many people improve their general health. By practicing yoga taught by Swami Ramdev with proper combination of meditation, diet and general lifestyle adjustment it is expected to benefit in one form or another. However, please be guided by the disclaimer.

    Q12: Where are the net proceeds going to be utilized?
    A12: Net proceeds from this camp are going to be utilised for various educational and charitable activities including promotion of research in health related fields.

    To read more about his charities, please click on the following link:

    Registration Details

    Q13: Can we get a refund?
    A13: Refunds will be made if cancellation request is received in writing by mid night June 1st.  No refund requests will be accepted after June 1st.  Refund checks will be mailed within 60days. A processing fee of  5% will be deducted from the refund amount.

    Q14: If I register for 5 days camp. Can I come for say 2 days and someone else come for other 3 days?
    A14: NO. The person who registers the first day, must attend rest of the days. If he misses few days, there is no replacement or refunds.

    Q15: Can I switch between morning and evening session ?
    A15: NO. You can only attend the session for which you are registered.


    Q16: Do you have any accommodations available for the events?
    A16: Yes. The official hotels (discounted rates exclusively for the events) are as follows:

    For the workshop in New Jersey :
    Radisson Hotel Piscataway
    21 Kingsbridge Road
    Piscataway , NJ 08854
    Tel: 732-980-0400 | Fax: 732-980-9655

    For the workshop in New York :
    Holiday Inn: Marriot
    Uniondale , NY

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